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Online Resources

This is a compilation of articles and links intended to give parents, caregivers, teachers, school administrators, and other child health professionals, “starting point” resources.
This page will be updated regularly, so be sure to check back.
If you have significant concerns about a child or teen, please seek further consultation from a mental health care professional.

   Adoption and Adjustment in Adolescents

  Adoption and Sibling Relationships

  Selecting and Working With an AdoptionTherapist

  Parenting Your Adopted Preschooler

  Parenting Your Adopted School Aged Child

  Parenting Your Adopted Teenager

  Principles of Working with a Traumatized Child


  Helping the Student with ADHD in the Classroom

  ADHD and Teens: Information for Parents

  Treating ADHD in the School Setting


  Developing Adolescence: A Professionals Guide

  Helping Your Child Through Early Adolescence

  Parent of a Teenager? Read This!


  The Anxious Child: Facts for Families

  Suggested Accomodations to include on IEP for Children Diagnosed with a Childhood Anxiety Disorder or Selective Mutism

Asperger’s Syndrome

     Asperger’s Syndrome: Secondary Principals Guide

  Giftedness & Asperger’s Syndrome: A New Agenda for Education

  Interventions for Children with Aspergers


  Autistic Spectrum Disorders: Intervention Options for Parents and Educators

  Autism Overview – What We Know

Bilingual Language Development in Children

  Bilingual Language Development Back to Bilingual School Time

  Bilingual Language Acquisition in Children: Part I

  Bilingual Language Acquisition Part II

  Linking Different Languages with Cognition



    Bullying UK

    Stop Bullying

    NASP: Bullying Facts for Schools and Families

     Bullying Prevention and Intervention from the Principal Leadership Magazine

   Bullying in Early Adolescence

  Bullying Facts for Families

  NASP Bullying Prevention Brief 2012

  Bullies and Victims Information for Parents

Child Abuse

  Child Abuse Signs and Symptoms

  Keep Them Safe

  Keeping Young Children Safe

  Why My Child: A Guide for Parents of Children who have been Sexually Abused

Conduct Disorder

  Conduct Disorder Facts for Families

  Aggression in Adolescents: Strategies for Parents and Educators

Depression in Children and Teens

  Depression in Young Children: Information for Parents and Educators

  The Depressed Child: Facts for Families

  Teen Suicide: Facts for Families

  Suicide Prevention and Intervention

  When it Hurts to be a Teenager


  Spanking: Why Not?

  Effective Methods to Discipline


   Divorce: A Parent’s Guide for Supporting Children

 The Effects of Divorce on Children

  The Promotion of Wellness in Children and Families: Challenges and Opportunities

GLBT Young

   NASP Resources for Schools


  The Origins and Ends of Giftedness

  Misdiagnosis and Dual Diagnosis of Gifted Children

 Grade Retention

    Position Statement on Grade Retention from the National Association of School Psychologists

  Alternatives to Grade Retention


  Gratitude in Children and Adolescents: Development, Assessment, & School Based Intervention

  Raising Grateful Children: Holiday Lessons and Beyond

  Fostering an Attitude of Gratitude: Tips for Parents


  Workbook for Children in Grieving

    The Grieving Process at Different Ages

Infant Development

  Boost Your Baby’s IQ with LOVE

  Key Social, Emotional, and Communication Milestones for Your Baby’s Healthy Development

 Lying in Childhood

  What to do when your Child Lies

  The Truth About a  Child’s Compulsive Lie

  Lying and Stealing

  Lying in Early Childhood

 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

   Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Information for Parents and Educators

Optimism & Positive Psychology

  Optimism: A Key Ingredient to Happiness

  The Third Pillar: Linking Positive Psychology and School Wide Positive Behavior Support

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

  Coping After Crisis

  Dealing with Death at School

Selective Mutism

  10 Stages in the Emergence of Speaking at School

  Selective Mutism: A Guide to Helping Our Teachers Understand 

  Managing the “Back to School” Transition

  Selective Mutism in Schools: Multidisciplinary Interventions

  Suggested Accomodations to include on IEP for Children Diagnosed with a Childhood Anxiety  Disorder or  Selective Mutism

  Preparing the Child with Selective Mutism for the Upcoming School Year

 Self Esteem in Children

   Your Child’s Self Esteem: Are you Helping or Hurting?

Self Injury

  Self Injury and Youth: Best Practices for School Intervention

  Self Harm – Short term Physical and Psychological Care

  Self Injury and People with Learning Disabilities


  Sleep and Adolescents

  Pediatric Sleep Disorders

  Sleep Disorders

Special Needs

 Young Adults with Learning Disablities and Other Special Needs


  Helping Teenagers with Stress

    Stress in Children and Adolescents: Tips for Parents

Theory of Multiple Intelligences

Multiple Intelligence Theory

  Howard Gardner’s Web Page

Third Culture Kids

  A Third Culture Kid… A What?

  Third Culture Kids and Adolescents

  According to my Passport I’m Coming Home

Tourette’s Syndrome

  Tourette’s Syndrome: A Primer for School Leaders

  Tourette Syndrome

  Tourette’s Syndrome: A Primer for School Leaders

Violence in Children

  Understanding Violent Behavior in Children & Adolescents

  Children and TV Violence

  Defusing Violent Behavior in Young Children: An Ounce of Prevention – Information for School Principals