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About Dr. Jenkins

Dr. Jenkins is a clinical child and school psychologist with 25 years of experience working with children, teens, families, and schools on all types of issues, from the most severe psychiatric conditions, to the most common day-to-day problems. She has worked in outreach clinics, inpatient psychiatric centers, day treatment programs, and schools, in New York and London. For the past ten years, Dr. Jenkins has established her private practice in Barcelona, Spain.Dr. Jenkins completed her graduate studies in the United States of America, where she is a Certified School Psychologist, and in the United Kingdom, where she is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist with the British Psychological Society, and a Registered Clinical Psychologist with the Health Professionals Council. She has received several professional recognitions, most notably the Adam Bluminghthal Award. Dr. Jenkins has published several articles over the past years and enjoys active participation in her professional associations. In addition to her practicing certificates and licensures in the USA and the UK, she is a licensed (“colegiada”) psychologist in Spain. Dr. Jenkins has been one of the first to be awarded the EuroPsy title, allowing her degree to be recognized throughout the European Union.Since the beginning of Dr. Jenkins career, she has established herself as a professional that has a passion and interest in testing and assessment. She provides parents and schools evaluations on all types of childhood and adolescent concerns or queries. Dr. Jenkins also provides child & adolescent therapy, parent consultation, parent education seminars, and school consultation.

Dr. Jenkins is the Founder and current President of Barcelona NEST (established in 2000), a peer supervision group for English speaking therapists in Barcelona. She is also the founder of Positive Parenting Plus, a multidisciplinary child development team which provides services to English speaking families and schools in Barcelona.

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